Healthcare Professionals

We work closely with healthcare professionals to understand how PUCKmed can add value to people’s lives.

We know that patient autonomy and improving quality of life are paramount to healthcare providers. PUCKmed has been designed from the ground up with this in mind.

From the design of the push button switch to understanding how to make the PUCK Remote App more accessible, PUCKmed brings improvements specifically for people with limited mobility.

PUCKmed can be setup by a healthcare professional without ever touching the client’s device, ensuring HIPAA compliance.

Care Provider Testimonials

Adina BradshawM.S. CCC-SLP, ATP, Speech-Language Pathologist
PUCK has changed the way our patients interact with their environment. Prior to placing a PUCK in each patient’s room, the only way that a patient could control the in room TV was through an inaccessible pillow speaker or a sip/puff straw. The sip/puff straw function was limited to on/off and channel up. This was frustrating for the patients. Our team wanted to find a solution to increase the patient’s independence in their room. PUCK is an affordable, Bluetooth, HIPAA-compliant device that we could easily set up and quickly train the patients to use. It is also beneficial for the patient to be able to use it in their room and then be able to purchase one for use at home. Barnabas is always available to help with any issues and open to suggestions for improvement.”



2 images; left is of a hospital remote, right image is of the back of the hospital bed remote with a sip and puff straw attached